Electronic Media Solutions

SCI, in conjunction with Cmart Medical Services, offers Electronic Media application software specifically designed for Healthcare Information Systems that utilize the IBM® iSeries (AS/400) platform. These products allow you to integrate HIPAA - EDI transactions (ANSI X12 276, 277, 835, 837 and 997) into the healthcare information system. The software resides on the iSeries (AS/400) with a seamless interface to the patient information system – there is no need for additional hardware. Security protocols used for the existing patient information system and the AS/400 may also be used for this system. We have installed software and written interfaces for McKesson® Series 2000, Keane® InSight, and Siemens® MedSeries4.

We offer the following Electronic Media application software.

  Electronic Media Remittance
    Electronic Media Remittance software allows translation of NSF, proprietary, or ANSI X12 835 payment files that have been received from electronic trading partners and then posts the Remittance Advice to the patient information system.
  Electronic Media Claims
    Electronic Media Claims software allows hospital and physician claim detail to be collected from an existing patient information system and formatted into NSF, proprietary, or ANSI X12 837 compatible files for submission to electronic payment partners.
  Electronic Media Claims Status
    Electronic Media Claims Status software allows status requests to be generated in an ANSI X12 276 compatible format for submission to electronic trading partners. The ANSI X12 277/997 responses are then translated and interfaced to the patient information system.

Extensive notes and comments, including exceptions and denial descriptions, may be posted for each record. Additionally, each system includes a reporting module with multiple selection criteria. Standard reports include:

  Summary of present Claims/Payment status
  Hard Copy print of EOBs, UB92s, and/or HCFA1500s for any group of claims/payments
  Summary of denied or non-covered charges with denial descriptions
  Summary of any group of payments which have a coinsurance or deductible identified
  Error detail for any group of outstanding claims
  Summary or detail for any group of claims previously submitted to payers
  Summary of secondary payers associated with any group of claims
  Detail of modifications performed to the content of any group of claims

These products can be fully evaluated without any obligation to purchase. To receive a demonstration of the Claims product and/or load a trial version of the Remittance product on your IBM iSeries (AS/400), contact Michael Walters at (866) 592-4146 or sales@scihg.com.