MD Link - Portable Interface Engine

MD Link connects independent health care applications within your enterprise. By displaying your data sources and processes as a visual solution, MD Link enables information exchange between legacy applications and commercial software. Built using Java™ technology, MD Link is powerful and portable - your solutions can be created and executed on any computing platform.

MD Link consists of the Design Studio - a graphical development environment for linking together Events, Tasks, and Resources - and the Runtime Server, which executes your integration solution as a dynamic server process. Deploying your solution is as easy as copying a file from your development workstation to your production server.

MD Link is cost-effective. The flexible licensing plan ensures a quick return on your software investment, while the short learning curve and ease of use means you can be self-supporting without the requirement for expensive technical resources.

MD Link does all this and more - efficiently and cost effectively:
Monitor Systems: Create event-driven solutions that are triggered by changes to your data
Search Data Resources: Read HL7 messages, databases, XML documents, text files, and more
Transform Information: Link together and convert between different data sources
Update Applications: Interface to software and legacy systems across the network
MD Link Plug-Ins

For easy access to a variety of data sources and communication protocols, Plug-Ins provide a graphical representation of each interface’s unique properties and data structure. The input or output from any data source can be linked together, offering unlimited possibilities for creating customized integration solutions. Simply drag these plug-ins into the MD Link Studio and begin creating your customized integration solutions.

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