Mercator Web Broker is a breakthrough in e-business integration. It provides a comprehensive, open architecture that brings unprecedented power and simplicity to consumer-to-business (B2C) integration. Even more importantly, it provides extraordinary capabilities for managing and controlling the B2C run-time environment.
With Mercator Web Broker, customers are able to consolidate and streamline all electronic-based customer interfaces and business processes. For example, all customer order entry - whether through a Web browser, kiosk, fat client, or through a CRM, call center, or point-of-sale application - can be integrated with the back-office through a single point of control. Interface definitions and business rules can be shared across the entire process, dramatically reducing the cost to manage and maintain multiple order entry channels.
Mercator Web Broker also simplifies Web-enablement of existing systems, supporting full mapping between XML documents and existing applications without programming. This accelerates the unlocking of corporate information and exposing it to Web applications, and the rapid implementation of browser-based updates to databases and data warehouses.