Sybase Impact!™, e*Biz 2000™, and Microscript™ Engines
Impact!™, e*Biz 2000 Enterprise™, e*Biz 2000 Integrator™, and Microscript™ are Sybase's advanced interface engines that provide all the facilities needed to easily configure and maintain application interfaces to streamline healthcare information processing.
Sybase Impact!™ provides the facilities to non-invasively interface all existing applications or data sources and a destination system. These endpoint applications may send or receive information in virtually any format over any protocol, including existing applications, using such means as existing interfaces, files, databases, objects (e.g. CORBA, COM), printer/screen interfaces, or web applications.
Sybase works with the following operating systems: UNIX: AIX, Solaris, and HP/UX Windows NT.
Sybase supports the following messaging standards: HL7, ASC X12, EDIFACT, and ASTM.